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Quality. Service. Trust. Decency. Integrity. Honesty.

Rug on loom

That is what you get when you purchase an authentic Persian rug from Desert Rug Company.

Long-time, respected State College, PA scientist and businessman, Dr. Masood Arjmand, and his wife, daughter and son started Desert Rug Company in 2004 when their search to find superior-quality Persian rugs at affordable prices could not be met. Going directly to the source—the rug makers themselves—in their country of origin—Iran—they are reviving an ancient art form there and are effecting the creation of a renaissance in Persian rugs.

By obtaining the rugs directly from the rug makers themselves and cutting out the middlemen, the price is kept low while the quality remains high. Made of the finest hand-spun wool and colored by organic herbal dyes, each rug is distinctly different, yet they all retain the beautiful Persian designs and themes people have come to appreciate for thousands of years.

Desert Rug Company donates 20% of the proceeds from the sale of rugs directly to the rug makers and their families. Donations consist of food, eye glasses, rug-making tools, and educational supplies, and are made in the name of the American people with the intention of creating positive relationships between the two countries.