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“While decorating our new office building, we met with the folks at Desert Rug Company. We were delightfully surprised at the large selection of rugs they carried, in a wide range of sizes. Michelle and James were very knowledgeable, listened to what we were looking for, and helped to narrow our search. They brought many rugs to our office so that we could see them in the actual setting. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality rugs with excellent friendly service.”

Richard and JoAnne DeFluri
Abundance Wealth Counselors, LLC
State College, PA

“I was amazed at the quality and depth of village rugs that Desert Rug Company has. Mitra and her staff have always been helpful and patient in my search for various sized rugs to fit in and complement my home. I've purchased at least six rugs and have not been disappointed with the quality or price of any. In short, this is the place for authentic Persian rugs!”

Paul Welch
Lock Haven, PA

“The warmth of the Desert Rug staff made my wife and me feel that we were dealing with friends. The services are superb, the prices are great, and the quality of the product—the best.”

Bruce Heim
State College, PA

“We were in the market to purchase another oriental rug for our dining area to match our living room rug. Michelle and her family went out of their way to bring to our home a number of rugs to try out in the area and see which one would look the best. They gave us suggestions and even helped to move the furniture. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to really understand what type of rug and colors we were looking for.”

Sandy & Tom Hood
State College, PA

“It was great how patient James and Michelle were in helping us find just the right rug to tie everything together in our living room. We have had a lot of positive comments about that rug since we made our final choice. Someone else we know who bought a rug at Desert Rug Company has chosen to put their rug on the wall to enjoy as a piece of art. We are taking a more functional approach by putting it on the floor to enjoy, which we do every day.”

John & Carla Rodgers
State College, PA

“I am very impressed with the quality of design and craftsmanship of the new rug in my home. It is rare that someone doesn't comment about it when they see it the first time, it is truly one of a kind!

“Desert Rug is bringing the finest hand woven authentic Persian carpets at affordable prices to mainstream America. By using their native heritage to buy their rugs direct, they are able to pass the saving on to us and beat the competitors' prices by a significant margin. Finally we can all own quality artistic rugs for our home without breaking the bank.”

Tom Kennington
State College, PA

“Two Persian rugs, purchased from the Desert Rug Company early this year, have utterly transformed the living-dining section of our Borough home. This purchase decisively completed and confirmed the transition of this area from the least to one of the most used spaces of the ground floor. The seemingly quite differently patterned, colored, and sized carpets somehow unify as well as discriminate particular zones of repose. They likewise blend in differing intensities the energies constrained by a winter garden poised on the opening edges of spring; and the recursive regeneration of simple forms forever feasting on hidden remnants of their complex beginnings.

“In our acquisition of the carpets, we were supported on many levels by the handsome, open, knowledgeable, articulate and generous Arjmand family. The items they display for purchase are anything but the boring, cheaply manufactured, seedy, dull-colored, design ripoffs that one often sees crowded into the dankest recesses of consumer retail outlets. The Armjands are well-informed on their products: via family traditions, the most professionally well-regarded published sources, prolonged first-hand observation of a wealth of patterns and woven objects, and long-maintained contacts with different kinds of producer communities.

“This last point needs to be underscored. The Desert Rug Company rightly focuses on Persian (Iranian) objects. To the potential customer, it soon becomes clear that there is no such thing as 'the' Persian rug. Across the long history of the Persian Empires and their successor regimes, as well as the regions located within the borders of contemporary Iran, many quite distinctive communities of textile design and manufacture have coexisted--as they also have in other civilized parts of the world. The resulting visual, conceptual, and material diversity of decorative as well as other art objects does not allow for anything like a narrow 'national' specialization on a few fixed 'types.'

“The Desert Rug Company appears to be a well-organized and principled family business. Granted our limited exposure to this market, products appear to be offered at fair market prices. A surprising number of factors go into determining prices. Certainly, the quality of the commodity is one of these factors. The rugs we saw were of excellent quality, heirlooms as well as newly made. But more is at stake than 'you get what you pay for.' The Arjmands are always working to reconcile what so many of their predecessors and would-be competitors cynically represent as irreconcilable: fair costs of production, especially labor; and reasonable costs of finished commodities to end purchasers. They envision a production--consumption relationship which releases producing communities from poverty; and satisfies consumers who do not have to be reduced to debt slavery if they wish to brighten their homes with well-made objects. We genuinely liked doing business with the family (we interacted with all four of them!), and we look forward to being returning customers. We would without hesitation urge people entering this market to give Desert Rug a well-earned try.”

Theodore Norton & Joan Landes
State College, PA

“The staff of Desert Rug Company is knowledgeable and helpful. With their guidance, I made the right decision. I couldn't be happier with my new Persian rugs!”

James Green
Bellefonte, PA