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Why Desert Rug Company

Women weaving in Iran

Desert Rug Company was founded in 2004 to provide a direct connection between manufacturers of rugs in Iran with American consumers. Despite the fact that Americans appreciate very much, more and more, the beauty and quality of Persian rugs, I have noticed that Persian rugs made in Iran are difficult to come by and are very expensive, out of the reach of ordinary people. However, weavers of Persian rugs are very poor and their rugs are not too expensive and can compete very well with other floor coverings if sold at a reasonable profit. As a result of high prices, not enough rugs are sold and weavers are out of work and the Persian rug industry is on the verge of disappearing. It is important to know that weavers do not get to see any part of the big profits made by merchants. What they see is poverty and unemployment.

Our goal is to:

  • Offer high quality Persian rugs at affordable and fair prices
  • Promote manufacturing of old Persian designs
  • Improve the quality of rugs by providing weavers with high quality materials and financial support
  • Gain back consumer confidence by providing necessary warranties

We hope to make it possible for everyone to have a Persian rug.


—Masood Arjmand